eXPFit Peak Fitting Add-In for MS-Excel

eXPFit is a peak fitting utility running under Microsoft Excel. It has been specifically set-up for the analysis of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) data, but could be used to fit other types of spectroscopic data.

This software is suitable for those people who commonly use Excel for manipulating data and assumes a certain familiarity with Excel. Within these constraints it provides great flexibility, but if you want a completely robust, user-proof or computationally-efficient peak fitting routine then you should look elsewhere; this software makes no pretence of meeting any of these requirements !


Conditions of Use

This software utility is supplied free-of-charge for personal use by individuals at home, or anyone working in an academic (college, university etc.) environment. However, please note the Disclaimer regarding its use. The author's permission should be obtained prior to regular use in any commercial or other non-academic research environment.

Hardware & Software Requirements

The Visual Basic code is not particularly efficient but runs quickly enough on modern PCs. The workbook was originally prepared and tested using the version of Excel distributed in Office 97, but it has been tested and shown to work with all subsequent releases of Office up to and including Office 2007, provided that the installation instructions given in the documentation below are followed.

Download Software

Documentation (incl. installation instructions)


Version 1.4 (tested with Office 2003, and earlier releases)


Version 1.5 (tested with Office 2007)


Note - if you have problems with downloading the .xlsm file using Internet Explorer, then use Firefox or Chrome.

Contact Details

Please make sure that you have read the troubleshooting section of the instructions before raising queries about installation problems.

Dr. Roger Nix
School of Biological & Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road
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Email: rogermnix@yahoo.com